Content Warning: possible epilepsy trigger, please turn off background effects if you suffer from seizures. 

Time to play: Around 5 minutes. 


Use the mouse to tune the radio and flick the switch. There should almost always be someone to listen to. 

You can play the game on browser, however it does run slightly better when downloaded.


Cover Photo by Toby John Varhaugvik on Unsplash
All audio except for White Noise taken from side-arm studios;

Everything else created by me!


Download 15 MB
Version 3 Dec 14, 2020
Download 16 MB
Version 3 Dec 14, 2020
Download 16 MB
Version 3 Dec 14, 2020


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Nice concept! I liked the idea you had here. 


The concept is pretty cool! Depending on who you listen to and act, it can lead to differents dialogues. The dialogues flow very organically depending on your single action of turning the lights on and off.

Although, it was not always clear to me exactly who I was listening to, given that the characters switch frequency often, so maybe using different text color for each character might help? Additionally, it would be useful to know which position of the switch turn the lights on and which turn them off.


Thanks for the feedback! The idea of different colours for different characters is good and something I wish I had implemented as it wouldn't be too difficult. And the light switch is absolutly valid, just a little fake light would make it much easier to understand. 

I'm glad you liked the organic dialogue, I completely redid it halfway through and it turned out much smoother, so I'm glad the extra work was worth it. 


very cool but:

win32 download version - "repairman" gets stuck on 'change of plans' until I turn lights on. this is after i let the other guy escape and set off alarm. after this nothing happens on any frequency any more.

the killer ending seems to work normally.

cool switch sound (diff for on/off) and clear markings when it is on and when off would be cool (but finding out what is on and what is off is also interesting actually so...)

Thanks for the feedback, You're right about the light switch, that should really have a sound effect. 

 I think the "Change of plans" bug is one I saw before, may have uploaded the wrong windows version. Thanks for the heads up. 

Fixed it now. Somehow the exported files were missing the updated JSON files, so they were stuck with an older version of the script. Thanks again for the info.


Really cool - I like the idea that by helping one person you doom another. really interesting to play


Loved this. Really effective!