In development, please leave a note about any bugs/crashes in the comments, thank you! 


You're not the hero. The ship is. You just have to let it shoot the bad guys out of the sky while you go around and collect the wreckage, while avoiding bullets on the way. 


WASD - Move

That's it!

Extra Info

Made for the Godot Wild Jam

Theme: You're not the hero

Wildcard: Enemies are transformed (I mean, kind of? They're transformed into scrap, I guess?)


Sprites taken from Kenney Game Assets

SFX taken from Ultimate SFX bundle by Sidearm Studios 

Music taken from Space Music Pack by Andrey Sitkov

Title Font - Good Times by Ray Larabie

Main Font - StarPerv from World Of Fonts by Anna Anthropy

Background by me using Inkscape


Download 27 MB
Version 4 May 16, 2021
Download 38 MB
Version 4 May 16, 2021
Download 27 MB
Version 4 May 16, 2021


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I *think* I won when Captain Glimmer killed the last enemy, but the game froze.

The music is still playing, but all animation and other sound has stopped.

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why does the capt. torpedoes hurt the player is it a bug 

Not a bug, it's a battlefield, you've got to dodge everything! 

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to hard to turn also when you die it takes a few seconds for the death screen to show up

Thanks for the feedback! Can you detail what you mean by hard to turn?