This game was created for the Kenney Game Jam, 2021, with the theme of Rotation.

In this Tower Defence game, you must build towers (Costing £50), and spin them to face the enemy.

This game takes roughly 10 minutes to play. 


Click on the grey blocks and select a tower to build.

Click on a tower to rotate it, (Left click rotates anticlockwise, right rotated clockwise)

Kill targets to get money.

In the centre of the screen is the sacred direction. It will change direction every 5 seconds, and any towers facing the same way will deal twice as much damage. 

Tower Types

There are 4 types of towers. 

Spring has the fastest fire rate, being roughly 33% faster at firing bullets.

 Summer can weaken targets, making them take more damage.

  Fall deals 33% more damage than the other towers, 

Winter can slow down targets if it hits them enough. 


Every assets used comes from Kenney Game Assets, including Sound, Music and art. The only thing area where I didn't use them was UI, where I mostly used the Godot default as I ran out of time.

Towers come from Simple Space :

Tiles come from Tower Defence (Top down) :

Targets come from Shooting Gallery :

Misc:,,, and finally, Kenney Music Loops. 


Download 16 MB
Version 2 Aug 22, 2021
Download 27 MB
Version 2 Aug 22, 2021
Download 15 MB
Version 2 Aug 22, 2021

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